Thursday, April 23, 2015

The LAST sports day as a school student...

Assalamualaikum and very good day!

So, as I am going to seat for SPM this year, also mean as senior for the school student, today is gonna be the last time I join sports day as a school student..

Its sad, but uh, I don't know...

To feel sad leaving schools era or happy to leave the homeworks, school uniform era...
And also, happy to be free from boarding school's rulesssssss ..... there's so many rules that makes me write so many sss at the rules..

My house scored second place for overall marks.. First place, a big thanks to cheerleaders.. 

Uh oh, fields? Yeah, this year my school held it at Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor"s field...

And, I'm responsible as red crescent member to help any injured student but there's no one.. Only one, but not so serious.. I was like "senang keje aku.. hehe"

me and iliana ( the one with me on my most favourite deskmates ever )

me and my last year's bedmate (bedmate here means her bed beside mine) and she in the same house as mine.. Our colour is orange and our name is EPIDENDRIUM ..

Uhuh! wanna take a look at my tent? Mariam, my PBSM partner, and me, we look over at the right side of the field..

haha, as I said there's only one injured student, so we just enjoyed ourselves under the tent and eating..

I took this picture when Mariam was rushing to clean up our table as our teacher was coming over..

hehe.. That's all.. Have a nice day! Bye!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

my most favourite deskmates ever!

Assamualaikum.... and a very good day!

I know people like pictures, that's why instagram now so popular.. so instead of just giving their bios to you, i will show you some crazy pics of us..

actually there are 4 of us but she was sick when this pictures were taken... her name is Dalila... okay, who are we?

The center, the one with brown scarf is amira atiqah, beside her (near the black coloured my link) is nur iliana.. and of course the other one is me..

ah, the other one girl inside there is ummul umairah.. I don't know why she suddenly come over when we took this...

why i said this is the best deskmates ever?

one, they are funny.. so funny until i can't do my homeworks..

sometimes, people can't understand at our jokes.. its like we live in our own world..

i like that! 

i think that's all..

see agaian next time.. bye!

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