Saturday, March 18, 2017

#naurvesidea : MASIH MILIKMU

Hello peepss!!!!

So, guys.. Again, a fresh new idea just came into my mind and I decided to write them straight away like, right now.. But, nah.. there's no way giving to you all the details.. I am going to give to you just a glimpse of it.. So, stay tuned... And please keep supporting me, guys....

Its a story betweeen Emilia Haura' and Qairul Ejaz who was separated from each other for ten years. They are actually a loving couple right before Qairul's mom step in and for sure didn't want the poor Emilia to be Qairul's women.

So, the witch send Emilia to the Europe 'to further study abroad' and since Emilia is an orphan who lives with her only aunt who is also hating her,  things making her business much easier ...  But before that, Emilia had warned her that she will come back and make the witch begging her to get back with Qairul...

Ten years later, where Qairul had already engage to Mia for about two years, and also their company was miraculously saved from 'drowning'.. Thanks to a company, globally known as Sapphire.. (Its a well known clothing brand)

So, what do you think will happen next? Let me give you a hint, Emilia come back as a model.. I repeat as a model, not as an owner to a company! And she come back to give them a wedding card of her and the CEO of the company!.. 

And...... the ending is........ E.H and Q.E !! (peace yoo)

See? Everything got tangled already... So, if you want me to publish a full edition of this idea, as usual just comment down below  that you want it!

P/S : I am sharing this idea.. So any copycat want to take over this idea, go ahead.. Because the original always win! But, if you want to like have this idea in a proper manner, just contact me through comment below..

And I don't do any collaboration just yet.. Because I am still studying.. So, stay tuned guys... It just less than two months left before I finished studying...

See you later.  
Much love, Nana Naurve.

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